Chicago O’Hare Airport UFO Incident Report

I guess most of you folks know about this case. On November 7th, 2006, Federal authorities at O’Hare Airport received a report that approximately a dozen witnesses were observing a small, round disc-shaped object, metallic in appearance, which hovered over Gate C17 at that airport. The report was tabled at approximately 16.30 hrs. This case was heavily reported in the media. Major networks and cable news spent a considerable amount of time on this incident! Of course, they did so with their own spin in place! Remember the Pro UFO vs. Con UFO debate type crap! And forget the late night radio circuit, except for Rush Limbaugh (who was busy indulging in character assassinations), a great deal of radio programs spent a lot of air time on this case! Suddenly Peter Davenport was everywhere!But the aftermath was not so good. How do you objectively investigate a case like this when there is too much publicity. And on top of that, suddenly the so called ufo researchers were speaking everywhere as to how the govt. had covered up this and you know the rest as to how this routine will end! This was terrible.


In spite of such odds, the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP) did an excellent investigation of the incident and released the report yesterday! The moment you skim through the report, you will realize this is how ufo sightings should be investigated, thorough, well documented, other possible scenarios considered etc. Another reason as to why Richard Haines is one of the very few credibly people in UFO research today! I am goin thro the report rite now and it has a lot of technical details. Will post my thoughts a lil bit later!I am linking the report directly here. It is a pdf link!

NARCAP Report on Chicago O’Hare UFO Incident

Note: pdf document!

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