Trumbull County Recordings Finally!

I am really sorry for the delay people! Got tied up with some work! Neway I don’t wanna make u ppl wait for long. So here is the tape finally!. But before I post it, I would like to say a few words about the case itself!

Background of the Case:

As I had explained in one of my previous posts about this incident, it was the Late Kenny Young, who uncovered this whole thing. He actually stumbled upon this tape by total accident! He was looking up for information about another UFO sighting case that had allegedly happened in Liberty, near Dayton Ohio. So he contacted the local directory listing folks for the Liberty PD phone number. Little did he realize that he was given the wrong phone number that actually corresponded to Liberty township, near Northern Ohio at Youngstown. So he called them up and requested info about the case. After a few minutes into the convo, he obviously realized that this case was completely different. He decided to follow up on this nevertheless and approached the folks at 911 dispatch center, Liberty. He also realized that some ppl at the 911 dispatch had conducted some private investigations and contacted Kenny about the presence of the entire recordings on that night when the incident happened. Most importantly, they were able to also give the date when it happened, which was December 14th, 1994. Kenny also received an email asking him to watch his mailbox. So the tape finally arrived and he say a headline on the mail which had been made up by cutting and pasting letters from a newspaper, sorta like a ransom note!

It read

“Get ready for hot stuff, Be prepared for an alien starwatch comin to our area as Trumbull County Police attempts high speed chase of a ufo, and u have the 911 tape!”

Now you might be wondering, how come this incident was never reported in the media! Well, if you listen to the tape you will realize a certain Stacy from Channel 33 at Youngstown called up 911 dispatch to follow up on the multiple sightings report and yet decided not to do anything with it! When Kenny confronted the Channel about this, he just got a cryptic reply like there was nothin more to do, since the story had no value whatsoever! (that doesn’t surprise me!).

Enough of the buildup! Here is how the recordings are organized. I have done some editing to remove some static, so what you will hear is just the recordings done by 911 dispatch! I have to tell you the 911 dispatcher at that time is one remarkably humorous person and I found her to be totally awesome! The whole event as it unfolds is extremely interesting to see, and there is never a dull moment, thanx to the sense of humor at the 911 dispatch!

Now to some technical details: I will upload the entire thing in one zip file to rapidshare, but i will also upload the same right here. I will change the file extension to jpg from mp3 and post the link here. Right click on the link and save the file to your local folder! Also it might be important to change your file extension back from jpg to mp3 before you can listen! I am doin this since i cannot upload mp3 as such in wordpress! If u use windows, do it as follows:

Open the DOS command line. Change to the directory where you saved the file and execute this command

ren filename.jpg filename.mp3

I think it might also work when u can simply right click on the file and change the extension from jpg to mp3.

For Linux users:

Open a terminal. change to the directory where the file has been saved and execute the following command

mv filename.jpg filename.mp3

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