Paracast Alert – Roswell Special

So it’s time for another brand new episode of theparacast folks. Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt, the authors of ‘Witness to Roswell – Unmasking the 60 year Cover Up’ are the guest tonight. Schmitt also co-wrote two books with Kevin Randle. However his credibility took a severe beating in the last few years, when it was found out that he had actually lied a lot about his professional background. I don’t wanna go into the details though, since our friend Royce J Myers III has a nice page dedicated to Schmitt at the UFO Hall of Shame!

Here it is!

Next weekend promises to be a great show though, where there will be a round table on Roswell and the general state of affairs in UFOlogy today! I guess hence this week is gonna be some prep work for that! Whatever it is, I will post the direct download link for this week’s episode tomorrow!

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