Warning: The Phoenix Lights Video!

I just want to mention that the Phoenix Lights doc features Jim Dilettoso. He is a proven charlatan in this field, and viewers are advised to make their conclusions about his statements carefully! He was a permanent fixture those days projecting himself as a world renowned image processing expert with years of experience in NASA and all! The only problem is NASA has never heard about the guy! What was his reply when confronted with it? Well it is a cover up and you know about the rest!

Here is Dilettoso’s ufowatchdog Hall of Shame Page:

Dilettoso – Hall of Shame

Most skeptics point out that the Phoenix Lights are as the name indicates, just lights in the sky and it would be illogical to conclude that there is something mysterious to it! But the fact is there are hundreds of witnesses who saw huge triangle shaped crafts apart from the lights. Whether they were some exotic products of Skunk Works or elaborate control systems, no one knows. But it remains unexplained to this day! And yet what does our favorite armchair skeptic James Mcgaha conclude? The triangle shaped craft was actually aircrafts flying in formation! Gimme a break!

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