Larry King Live – Roswell Special Dead!


Another one bites the dust! Seems like the Copyright Police at Google Videos are workin overtime! Larry King Live video has been taken down. My personal UFOs Down to Earth video was also taken down some days back. So it doesn’t make any sense to upload it again!

P.S: Here’s what I am gonna do. If anyone wants the Great Balls of Fire video and the Larry King Special video, do give some info on how to reach u folks. I will upload the videos on another server and send you the links!

4 comments on “Larry King Live – Roswell Special Dead!

  1. No problem mate! I have uploaded the vdos in alternate servers already! Seems like there is some maintenance crap goin on at filefront, hence some files are not available for download for the moment! I will wait for some more time and if it still doesn’t work out, i will upload the file elsewhere! However the Great Balls of Fire download link is still up and should be fine!

  2. Ok folks, i have posted the Larry King Live videos again! Check my new posts about the Roswell Special! I have uploaded them to Rapidshare. All 7 parts!

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