Larry King Live Roswell Special Video


Buzz Aldrin on Larry King Live

I just happened to see this video on Google Videos, and i must say i really liked it. It is from Larry King Live (Transcript), dated July 13, 2007. In essence it is in relation with Roswell 60th Anniversary. The program features Jesse Marcel Jr., Stan Friedman, former Arizona Governor Fife Symington, George Da Noor man, the incomparable Buzz Aldrin, James Fox, the director of Out of the Blue, and Michael Shermer from the Skeptic Magazine. Though the interviews spent a lot of time on Roswell, I was particularly impressed by Aldrin’s testimony about his sighting during the moon mission. This is the first time I heard Aldrin speak so detailed about his sighting and I do take his word that what he saw might be one of the four panels from the spacecraft. On the other hand, I was disappointed with Shermer’s take on the issue! He resorted to pointless interference and talking over other guests! It may be because he was the only skeptic in the whole group and he felt he was being taken for a ride by the other believers. I generally have a good impression of Shermer, especially on his efforts in debunking the whole Intelligent Design crap, but I never liked him about his views on UFOs. He even admitted in a radio program that he has never read any detailed book on UFOs but yet feels he is correct on his take on UFOs. Armchair skeptics anyone! Well you be the judge!

Credit goes to the original uploader!

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