Mapinguary – NYT Article


New York Times has an article about the Mapinguary, a giant sloth like creature that the Amazonian Indians believe still lives in the remote jungles! It should surprise no one that such a belief is prevalent in many cultures. Every culture has such beliefs! But what surprises me is that the Big Foot, Yeti, and the Mapinguary all are giant Neanderthal type creatures that somehow managed to survive to this extent! Though I personally believe that these creatures could be just legends, I would love to be proven wrong! There is really an aura of mystery surrounding some of the reports of their sightings, may it be in the US, Himalayas or in the Amazonian jungles!

Thats why i think the article in NYT is pretty interesting!

Here’s the link:

New York Times Article on Mapinguary

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