UFO’s Down to Earth-Great Balls of Fire!

Alrite folks! The local time is 2 am and I am still editing the Trumbull County audio for uploading! Luks like it might take more time. It’s part of Kenny Young’s interview with Art Bell. So I thought of editing out the unnecessary part (you know the whole Bell thing!). Anyway once it is done, I will post it in Google Videos as usual!

In the meantime, am uploading another video from my collection. the documentary is titled UFO’s – Down to Earth – Great Balls of Fire! It was telecast in Discovery Channel in the nineties and a good documentary. I loved this doc, since it elaborates a bit on the connection between UFO sightings and more than usual seismic activity. This so called Earth Lights phenomenon, is investigated by M. A. Persinger and J. S. Derr, and they are also featured in the program. I think this might be one more instance of certain cases being explained by not so well understood natural phenomena, like in this case, earth lights. The doc also features a bit about abductions, Travis Walton’s case being predominantly discussed! Am not a huge fan of the Walton story, so I simply ignored that part! But otherwise its a great doc! Once the upload is done I will embed the video here!

Persinger and Derr’s original paper abstract from NCBI

The same phenomenon is also touted as a possible explanation for the mysterious sightings in Hessdalen, Norway! This is a renowned case, since a group of scientists investigated the events with high tech equipments and all and I will be posting entire details about this incident later!

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