Trumbull County Recordings


Trumbull County UFO Art by Bill Burt

Well, weekend is on its way, and that means posting of new videos from my personal collection! I am planning to post the entire 911 recordings from the famous Trumbull County case in Ohio. This case was also profiled in NBC’s Confirmation. The late Kenny Young, was the one who actually unearthed the case! And the recordings are bone chilling. People call up 911 to report strange objects and initially the cops dismiss it as prank and mis identification! But later they change their mind when there are more reports and some patrol vehicles also witness the object! The tapes have to be listened to, in its entirety for complete fun!


Kenny Young 1966-2005

A few words about Kenny Young. He was one of the best UFO researchers in my opinion! Completely grounded and a skeptic to begin with. Yet from his experience of research, he concluded that there is some truth to the UFO phenomenon and it needs to be investigated completely. He died at a young age, in 2005, after a long struggle with Leukemia! Check out his wikipedia entry rite here!

Kenny Young – Wikipedia Page

I found a couple of videos about the case fro the program Sightings as well! I will embed the videos in the next post!

I will encode the audio tonite after i get home and will post the link after i am done over the weekend!

2 comments on “Trumbull County Recordings

  1. the full audio you are going to post … is it the audio Kenny put together? Bet it will be interesting to hear more than just a little snippet here and there … thanks for your efforts, looking forward to it …

  2. Its the full audio mate! sorry for not having posted it yet! It was part of a C2C program where Kenny played the entire tape. I mean u get to hear right from the first few calls to 911 about the ufo to the final chase by two cops! it also includes transmissions between the folks at 911 control center and the faa and also the nearby air force base! Its awesome stuff! I promise u mate, i will post it in a couple of days! Thanx for ur visit!

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