Armchair Skeptics!


James Mcgaha

Ok, i need more time to do this. Hence i will do it in detail tonite! I just wanna say a few words about those pseudo skeptics! They do such a terrible dis service to science in general, that these people need to be called out. The reason I wanna do this is because of this dude James Mcgaha who was the inhouse skeptic from the Sightings doc, and he simply claimed that all of them were seeing stars! He was also featured on the failure of a special, Peter Jennings Reporting UFO’s, to talk about the 1996 Arizona UFO sightings. These kind of ppl make me sick. They don’t look at the evidence one bit, and sitting on their armchairs, simply conclude that the witnesses are hallucinating, or lying etc. He should seriously get his fat a** out to the field and investigate these sightings first hand to come to a far reaching conclusion like this!

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