Richard Dolan Interview – The Paracast


Richard Dolan, the author of one of the best books in Ufology, UFOs and the National Security State, was a guest on last Sunday’s Paracast show. It was pretty exciting to hear him, since he is one of the most credible folks around! He commented about the general nature of most UFO congresses worldwide, and the issue of such congresses being taken over by the New Age nuts was also discussed. He also talked about Volume 2 of the book that he is workin on and it promises to be a good read!

But having said all that, I have some problems with Dolan. He sometimes makes pretty outlandish claims and cites anonymous sources. But those claims are never proved! I am alrite with anonymous sources and all, but if you cannot corroborate your claims with hard evidence, then something sounds suspect! This is primarily the problem with Dolan. He is a pretty good researcher no doubt, but this is one thing that might pose a huge problem to his credibility!

Here’s the direct mp3 link from theparacast

Dolan Interview


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