Roger Leir Interview


As I had mentioned in one of my previous posts, Leir was interviewed at theparacast last Sunday. I was expecting a great interview, since Derrel Sims two weeks earlier had trashed Leir left and right and I thought Leir would address some of Sims’s claims. But it did not happen. The hosts stayed clear of Sims in Leir’s interview. They added in the paracast forum that Leir was against talking about ego clashes in the interview and so they had to forgo it!

Anyway personally I have a lot of issues with both Sims and Leir and so don’t really bother a lot! But compared to the pompous mouth Sims, Leir sounds down to earth. For that I applaud him, though I have major doubts regarding some of his material evidence for the alien implant phenomenon!

Here’s the direct download link for Leir’s Interview!

Leir Paracast Interview

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