Paracast Alert:Interview with Dr. Roger Leir


Roger Leir & Derrel Sims

First off, I have some issues with the whole idea of Alien Abductions. Especially, when hypnosis is used, it seems to me that there is high probability that the hypnotist actually leads the patient involved into believing what he or she wants to have happened. Though there are a lot of best selling books in this topic, i have to admit i never liked one.

The most intriguing cases are the ones, where the witness remembers the event vividly and can recall exactly without the aid of hypnosis. The fact that there are not many cases like this sure deals a huge blow to the whole abduction business. Another area is the alleged implant phenomenon. Some ppl claim that the aliens had put implants in parts of their bodies. There are a few famous ppl who work in this area. One is Derrel Sims, and the other is his fomer colleague, Dr. Roger Leir.

I am not a big fan of Derrel Sims. He always makes tall claims in most of the interviews, but never back them up with proof of any kind. I donno much about Leir, but all i know is that his records are not water tight either. But when Derrel was interviewed by Gene and David, he literally decimated Leir and his work ethic. So this week, they are bringing on Leir to answer some of the issues which were raised in the previous interview. Promises to be an excellent interview!

Derrel Sims Interview at theparacast

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