UFO Pilot Sightings

Of all the UFO sighting reports that come up, perhaps the ones that interest me the most are the ones that are made by trained military and commercial pilots. Their eyes are trained to spot man made aircrafts and birds and objects like meteors and meteorites. And when the pilots have a considerable amount of flying hours behind them, it is highly likely that when they report a UFO sighting then there is a great element of truth in it! And there are a few cases where the pilot sightings are corroborated by radar observations at the Air Traffic Control Centers.

Hence in my opinion, pilot sightings are the best to really prove that there is something to this phenomenon. Now I am not sayin that they are really seein alien space crafts or secret aircrafts and so on. But if they were really seeing secret aircrafts, then there is a missing piece of the puzzle – the totally bizzare and weird behavior of the UFO in question. The trajectory followed by some of these crafts seem totally implausible as similar conditions would result in g forces unimaginable that it would result in the imminent death of the human pilot in such a craft.

More chilling is the exchange between the pilots and the Air Traffic Tower personnel. Many recordings have been made available rite now under the FOIA and they paint a scary picture. To be more than 30,000 ft in the air and see some strange objects that seem to interact with you will scare the s**T outta anybody!

The first video is exactly that. It was shown in the History Channel and featured the exchanges between pilots and Air Traffic Controllers and contain reenactments of the scenes. Pretty gud documentary i should say!

Here’s the embedded link. Credit goes to the original uploader!


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