More on Belanger and Orbs

The very concept of orbs seems controversial. It’s probably gotta do with the interpretation of ’em. There are a lotta cases where a person takes a picture with a camera under very normal conditions and when the picture gets developed orbs show up. The logical explanations are all camera related. Problems with dust, multiple lens exposure and the list goes on. I honestly believe that more than 99% of the orbs related cases can be explained this way. But when someone sees the orbs in person and photographs them, then going by the credibility of the person and upon confirmation that no camera elements were involved, it is then totally unexplained.


Jeff mentioned two such cases in the interview. One involved the legendary demonologist Ed Warren and the other involved a family in the Black Forest region of Colorado. He also said that Warren never released the footage and the fact that he is dead now means we might never get to see it. Fortunately the other orb phenomenon is featured in a documentary that is still available in Google Videos. This is probably one of the best documentaries that i have ever seen on ghosts. The orb section in question has been analyzed by many image analysis experts and the universal conclusion has been that it was physically present when the pic was taken.


Here’s the video:


Wait till the video is loaded and then go to the 33 minute point and then you can see the big orb coming in the picture. It is really spooky! Here’s a screenshot from the video anyway!



Hat tip to David for leading me to this clip!


Here’s the direct link to Jeff’s interview at Paracast


Jeff Belanger


Take a look at Paracast website. All previous episodes are available for downloads too!

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