Paranormal Radio Shows

I listen to a lot of paranormal shows that analyze the unexplained with a critical eye. Being a scientist myself, I simply cannot take something by its face value without at least a little bit of proof. Coast to Coast AM for instance, is one paranormal show which leans towards entertainment than being investigative. Most times the guests who come on simply get no tough questions and they go on rambling on air and talk nothin but crap.

Fortunately though, there are a few radio programs like strange days indeed from Bruce Knapp, the paracast from Gene Steinberg and David Biedny, where the guests are really put to the test, so to speak.

I listen to theparacast every single week without fail. Since I live in Germany, i do it online. Most of the shows have been really interesting and the hosts do a fine job in questioning the guests. If whatever the guests say is abs nonsense they would stop him or her rite there and confronts them. In my opinion people like Gene and David are the true skeptics who research a lot before asking critical questions, unlike pseudo skeptics who don’t know a s**t about anything and simply make a noisy negativistic comment. These people are equally terrible.

Last Sunday (June 10th 2007 ) theparacast interviewed Jeff Belanger from This site has primarily become a shrine for collecting ghost related sightings reports worldwide. Jeff sounded extremely reasonably and I was really fascinated by the interview. His comments on orbs were abs on target. He was very down to earth and talked about the importance of keeping your feet grounded in researching paranormal claims. Some cases that he mentioned gave me goose bumps.

This is the kind of objectivity that is seriously lacking in the so called high profile paranormal investigators in general. I guess they can take a leaf out of Jeff’s notebook and start afresh!

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